First impressions.

For years I have been attending trade shows and fairs looking for commissions for Studio Lugh. I enjoy meeting makers and designers. I’ve come to know several of them down the years, seen them win contracts and distributors, and had good chats. This year an opportunity to exhibit Studio Lugh at a fair came up and I seized it. I took a stand at on the 25th of April 2018. It was an exciting adventure preparing for the show.

I had some photos enlarged to display on my stand. Being more used to the metric system I accidentally had huge prints made – 30 x 30 inches is gigantic! Mounting prints that size on 5mm foam board isn’t cheap either but the expense was well worth it: every visitor admired them. One visitor was himself a printer and hadn’t seen such glossy photo prints before. He was in awe!

Photo credit: David McCauley